Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Robert Goulet Ringtones

A really fun post about Robert here is the gist of it:

For any of you who saw Saturday Night Live with Will Ferrell, you’ll remember the Robert Goulet sketch. I have, for your enjoyment, captured the ringtones featured on the show. They are in MP3 format so those of you with a cool enough phone can download them right to it.

Ringtone #1 - “Your phone is ringing…..da dee da daaa”
Ringtone #2 - “Dinkle donkle, dinkle donkle, someone’s calling you”


Sorry, guys. If you don’t know how to get the ringtone onto your phone, you’re on your own. Newer phones can use bluetooth or a USB cable. To use bluetooth, your computer also has to have it (or find someone who has it on their bluetooth-enabled phone). If you don’t have any of those options then I guess you can use your phone’s browser to browse to this page. These ringtone files are not polyphonic or MIDI compatible. MP3 Only

To converted Mp3s to Midi (.mid) files: If you download Xingtone (www.xingtone.com), you can download the mp3 from this site, then use Xingtone to send it to your phone as a .mid !


Law said...

Can anyone give me some tips on how to download this into a ringtone?????

Anonymous said...

if your phone has a voice memo tool - like the LG 6100 - you can record the file onto your phone and set it as your ringtone

Anonymous said...

thank you so so so much! i had .wav files of these clips and converted them to .mp3 and it wouldn't work on my phone... these work perfectly! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to find the actual video of this skit?

Ashley said...

The only place now where they have it is through E!Online...just type in the keyword "goulet" in the search box and it should pop up!

Ashley said...

The only place now that is showing it is E!Online...just type in the keyword "goulet" in the search box and it should pop up!

Anonymous said...

First save the Goulet ring tones.

Then, go to www.myxertones.com and create a free account. On this site, you can search for existing ringtones, or upload your own. You can leave it as is, or select a certain part of the ringtone you want to use.

Once you've uploaded it, input your phone number, and it will send it to your phone via text message. If your phone has internet, just "click" the link, follow the instructions, and you should have your very own Goulet ringtone in no time :)

Chuck said...

if you don't want to give your phone number out online to get the tones... Just buy the data cable for your phone (usb) from amazon. and download BitPim. Bitpim has tons of functionality and works with almost all phones, plus it's free! also, your data cable shouldn't cost more than 3 dollars.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thank You soooo much! I loved this skit, and have been wanting to get them as a ringtones! I recorded them on my phone, and they came out perfect!

Anonymous said...

Great ringtone!
Robert and I share the same last name. Someone was mentioning this SNL skit to me. I was just trying to find the video of the skit, but this is way better.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This just made my day... And I had a pretty good day :)